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In collaboration with NOT TOO LATE


Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are what named the "four mouths" of human beings. Satisfying these needs, one becomes fruitful and fulfilling, happy and healthy. Four Bites is an integrated platform and restaurant for lifestyle, art and gourmet. Audiences are engaged with a diverse culture at the restaurant and explore their own attitudes towards different aspects.

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In parallel to the brand philosophy, the narrow boxy space was divided into 3 key zones in exploring a new level of tactility in both psychical and mental where a journey of cultural mixture will start.  


The audiences being engaged with inspirations at the pop-up mini art space, mood synchronized with the lo-fi beats, saturated by coffee aroma roaming the air or admiring at the food preparation stage. There is no model answer and definition to the experience design of each curated corner as we hope the design of the space motivates the audience to discover the enlightenment themselves.  


The contrast plays in the space are as crucial as the product presentation: a delightful oriental cuisine served on fashionable tableware, a proffered as slab-like steel platform in the showcase of the heat of food itself, surface of wood meet surface of cold steel in perpendicular. Hidden messages are planted around the space to initiates reflection and conversation about the daily norm and new possibilities.

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