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In collaboration with Studio Smoo


As the first shop of Yunnans aboard from China, we intended to curate a brand new image which narrates ethnic culture, ecosystem and biodiversity of Yunnan in a modern twist. The story of MOTHERLAND is curated in an artistic, well-lit and contemporary approach, we hope guests will be delighted and inspired, feeling blessed of the joy from the MOTHERLAND by our persistent approach to both design imagination and concept execution in full sensation expressions.

Triangular-shaped window openings towards the mall courtyard are spread randomly in the interior. In the fluid-spoken interior of nature they were turned to fuse with the space, resulting in a mixed-media art collaboration. Handmade ceramic sets imitating the diversity in nature; the artsy marble cuts were hunt from left-over depicting the beauty of mountains & lakes; garden view through the openings introduce dramatic contrast to the installations.

Guests are engaged to the MOTHERLAND at the open shopfront. The bio-diversified tree and planter design in the center spark “origin of life”, nourishing by the illuminated ceiling feature. Step further down, ones immerse entirely in the beauty of Yunnan: Curve timber panel provokes fluidity in nature, hand-dyed fabrics with natural seeds & flowers aligns the use of earthy tone in the space, defines accent from the unique “Red Soil” of Yunnan.

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