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People are used not to have fantasy or expectation to restaurants in office towers. An unexpected norm to the people of routines, have then came to our mind. The initial needs of design is arisen now.

We live in a three-dimensional world and work on three-dimensional spatial designs. What if the fourth dimension - “Time”, is being introduced to the spectrum of design? How will people react and interact with space in relation to the new dimension? To explore the possibility of people-space interaction with interior design across time, we started the project with this explorational initiative.

Located on 1/F of a business tower where 1/3 of the occupants belongs to a co-working studio, we have re-invented a multifunctional bar and dining space inspired by a nostalgia “Zoetrope” concept. Seeing the needs on diversified full-day service with quick transformation between casual dining and chill out space with a glass of drink, the design intent aimed to curate dynamics over time and a chance for the diners to see the unseen of the space.

_DSC1254-HDR 全景图 s.jpg

The concept of 'Zoetrope' is curated and implies projecting different scenes throughout the day, seeking a way to break the routine to not just be as a dining space. With the use of adaptable lighting design, the space implies as the concept itself in spinning the content along with the axis of time, scenes are deliberately generated to curate stories with the audiences. 


People are offered with various dining experiences from having a chill of coffee in a calm and colorless space, or having a cocktail in a cutting-edge atmosphere of neon-noir scene enlightening by dynamic color vibes.


When it comes to physical spatial design, with the constraint of limited floor area and comprehensive menu needs, we decided to merge the visual focal feature as the ‘Zoetrope’ itself into the open kitchen & bar unit where occupies almost half of the space to dominate at the shopfront as an operational point of design, creating an open dining area at the rear side. 

The scenes are narrated in the use of colors and lightings. The naturalized cool white & grey tone material scheme sets the atmosphere with daylight in a relaxing breeze whereas a hint of dichroic finishes in the space mimics the color of burning metal in a playful and joyful way, an ephemeral bluish neon-noir aesthetics permeates a vibrant and dramatic contrast in the evening unwinding from work. The blue “Flames” is lit every evening.

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